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Aviston, IL has been a wine producing region since the turn of the century. The wine making culture in the area is said to be influenced by German settlers. Owners Steve and Angela Gorazd work with their team of winemakers, chefs and event planners in order to make the location the area's leading winery. 
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About the Owners

Hidden Lake Winery is proudly owned by couple, Steve and Angela Gorazd. Steve Gorazd served as a leader in the aviation field for 30 years. Angela holds a Doctorate in nursing and is a nurse practitioner. They have a passion for wine and the grape growing process. Both are pleased to share the beauty of this amazing winery with you.

About the Location

Hidden Lake Winery and Banquet Center, located in rural Aviston, IL, is situated in Silent Forest, a wooded parcel of land abounding in local lore. These woods have been well known to those who hunt deer and forage for wild mushrooms. Bootleggers hid their still back in these woods to dodge the revenuers in the early 1900s. Legend has it that Indian spirits can be seen to roam here at night accompanied by the songs of frogs, crickets, owls and distant coyotes. The Silent Forest continues to enchant and entertain our guests at Hidden Lake Winery.

Wine Making

Our winemaking began in 2004 and is influenced by the German heritage of the farming families who settled this part of Illinois. We have been told of several wineries that flourished here prior to the Prohibition. Zuckerbach vineyard supplies grapes to Hidden Lake Winery and is located on property once farmed by the owners father. Zuckerbach (Sugar Creek in German) is named for a local creek that passes through the county. At Hidden Lake Winery, our goal is to offer a variety of wines that will satisfy many different palates. Our wines are produced with locally-grown fruit and bottled here in our cellar. Guests can enjoy a glass of wine (or other beverage if desired) in a tranquil setting with old friends, or perhaps with new ones.
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