Our wines are produced with locally-grown fruit and crafted here in our cellar.

Dry Wine

Norton- (0% RS) This is an excellent example of a bright tasty Norton balanced with subtle lightly toasted American Oak. 
Bronze Medal – 2014 8th Annual Mid-America Wine Competition

Vidal Blanc- (0% RS) A subtle aroma of white chocolate behind cantaloupe and pineapple. Flavors resembling avocado and grapefruit. 
Bronze Medal- 2014 8th Annual Mid-America Wine Competition

Best Pick-up (Traminette)- (0% RS) As soon as the aroma hits your nose there is subtle hints of citrus and flower. The flavors are bursting with notes of grapefruit and plum. 
Semi-Sweet / Semi-Dry

Rocky Ford Red- (1% RS) A semi-dry red wine made from Corot Coir grapes. This red wine is a light bodied refreshing wine that can be enjoyed room temperature or chilled for your liking. 

Chardonel- (3% RS) A semi-sweet white wine with hints of apple and pear, the Chardonel grapes were harvested later in the season for a fuller bodied white wine. 

Double Decker Red- (3% RS) A semi-sweet red table wine with hints of raspberry and cherry.
Bronze Medal- 2007 Illinois Wine Competition
Silver Medal – 2008 San Francisco Chronicle Wine Competition
Gold Medal- 2012 Santa Rosa, CA NextGen Wine Competition
Silver Medal- 2015 Sonoma Count, CA 2015 International Eastern Wine Competition

Adam’s Apple- (5% RS) Golden delicious apples made into a nice, light and sweet wine. 
Double Gold Medal – 2012 Santa Rosa, CA NextGen Wine Competition

Sugar Creek White- (7% RS) A sweet and grapey wine with hints of green and golden delicious apples. 
Bronze Medal- 2014 8th annual Mid-America Wine Competition

Strawberry- (8% RS) This strawberry wine was produced and fermented with real strawberries that were locally grown. It’s a classic strawberry wine that finishes succulent and sweet. 

Bluez Brothers- (8% RS) A natural fruit wine made from blackberry and blueberry. The berry blend is bursting with a wonderful flavor and finishes nicely with hints of blueberry that kisses the tongue.
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